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Insure a boat

Do you always want to leave the water on the boat without worry? Make sure that you are always insured in the right way. To make this possible, there are different types of insurance so you do not have to worry and can go on the water without risk. With good insurance you are insured against damage and theft. With an appropriate insurance you can enjoy every sailing trip without worrying.

Five questions and answers

Many people wonder whether a boat insurance policy is mandatory. However, a boat insurance policy is not mandatory in the Netherlands to conclude. In certain situations you are obliged to take out a Legal Liability Cover (WA). Think of a boat storage, marina or some parts of a sailing area.

There are various types of boat insurance policies. You can only insure your boat with a WA coverage or additional cover. With a boat insurance, the more extensive the cover, the higher the costs are. The cheapest insurance policies are therefore mostly WA insurance policies. But a liability insurance does not cover all risks.

Small boats with less 4 horsepower do not have to be insured under WA. In some cases this is covered by the private liability insurance, provided you have closed it. This can vary per insurer. So if this is not covered by your private insurance, it is always wise to take out a third-party insurance cover.

    WA boat insurance

With a liability insurance, only the costs of material damage and / or personal injury caused by others are reimbursed. In the event that you yourself also have damage to the boat, it will not be reimbursed with a WA boat insurance.

    Additional boat insurance

It is a consideration to insure your boat or not. The assessment depends on the value of your boat, how often you sail and whether your financial situation can bear any unexpected costs. This is different for every boat owner. With a supplementary boat insurance you pay extra premium. What exactly an additional insurance policy is different for each insurer. Consider, for example, whether you want to insure the contents on board, theft, fire or lightning strike. The amount of the fee and the coverage are also different per provider.
Eventually you decide for yourself which type of insurance suits you and your boat. Be well informed about the options and options at different boat insurers.

The deductible is an amount that you pay yourself in case of damage to the boat. This depends on the type and value of the boat. It is possible to increase the own risk. This can result in a premium discount, which in turn saves the monthly costs. Just think carefully about your financial situation and whether you can bear the costs.

The purchase value of a new boat is the current value. With a second-hand boat, this is the current value and / or appraisal value from an appraisal report or the amount for which you purchased the boat.

Do you often go abroad with your boat? Or is your permanent berth outside the Netherlands? Then it is advisable to look at the coverage area of ​​your insurance in the country where your boat is staying. Other rules often apply abroad. In some countries it is mandatory to insure your boat. This applies, for example, in Spain, Italy, Greece and Croatia. To insure your boat abroad, you need an international insurance certificate. You must be able to show this proof when you launch your boat abroad. You can request the international insurance certificate from the insurer. Do this timely so that you can take it with you at the time of departure.

Are you looking for an insurance company? Always think about your personal situation when taking out insurance.

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